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The weather boarded Inn was built in 1511 in the hamlet of John's Cross, so named because it was a marshalling point for Crusaders under the banner of John the Baptist, whose emblem was incorporated in the Inn's sign.

The earliest recorded occupant was one Edmund Spicer in 1562. Sometime following this period ale was brewed on the premises and, in July 1694, the property was signed over to William Piper, a beer retailer of the parish of Battle.

In 1792, the Inn was extended to incorporate the then dining room, which is now a brand new state of the art conference/meeting room - The Johns Cross Meeting Room.

During the Napoleonic War (1801 -1815) the widows and orphans of the parish were given shelter at the Inn and for many years it was used as a Customs & Excise office and a collection point for the mail coaches (as well as a Napoleonic Recruitment Office)

Quite a history!